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Our firm under name of "Zakład Ślusarski" was set up in 1984. Initally our operations included not only minor metal works but also execution of big projects as big steel structures and constructions.

We offer complex production by using modern technology and machines.

Thanks to the extent and the quality of the services offered by our company we were able to extend our activity also to the foreign market.

All the orders being executed by our comapny are made of high quality materials which are always delivered on time to our clients.

The philosophy of our business is to focus on constant development not only by systematic modernization of the production, the purchase of new machines but also the empoyment of the highly qualified personnel. As a result, we are able to constantly increase our production capacity.


Z.P.H.U WIT-METAL Witold Matusiak
98-200 Sieradz
Chojne, ul. Leśna 2, Poland

tel.: +43 828 14 21
fax.: +43 822 82 97

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